City Life

by utxpatrick

There is nothing quite like a city. The chaos, noise, smells, and masses of people.  Suzy and I love to walk downtown Indianapolis on Mass Ave.  New York City to me is one of my favorite places in the world.  Now there is another in the running – Port au Prince. It has all the things one might love about a city but times 10.  More chaos, more noise, more smells (many are not so good), and one of the densest populations in the world. 

It isn’t an aesthetically pleasing city.  Garbage lines the streets and fills the water ways. Buildings which were once whole have been destroyed or broken by the 2010 earthquake which rocked the city at a magnitude of 7.  Slums of tin roofed and walled homes patched with cardboard are spotted throughout.  

The best part of this city though is the people. They line the streets selling their wares – raw meet, mangoes, sugar cane, medical supplies, clothing, shoes, drinks, lottery tickets, etc…  They speed around in cars, on motorbikes, in tap taps (Haitian buses): even when the double line is there and a vehicle is coming their way.  Sitting in parks, speaking with neighbors, yelling about politics through bull horns.  People everywhere, but people everywhere means people made in  the Image of God. 

Port au Prince has many needs but as with any place with people, Port au Prince needs God.  All the financial gain, infrastructure, government aid would be a benefit but in the end it is empty.  Christ is eternal and these people each have a date with Him at the gates of eternity. 

I like cities because they are full of people. People God loves. People who need God. 

As you pray for our trip, pray for the people of Haiti that God would make Himself known to them. They need many things but above all Christ.