Breaking Barriers 

by utxpatrick

Three years of French in high school and I always wondered when I would use it. Here I am more than 15 years later and I wish I would have paid more attention and worked harder.  

If anything is difficult about the time in Haiti it has been the language barrier. For the last two days we have been working with a gentleman named Karly in his yard where he has invited local kids, many of whom are part of a ministry he runs every Sunday.   

We have had great opportunities to sing with them, share Bible stories, color, jump rope, and many other things.  In all of this language is the biggest barrier: but smiles, laughter, play, and most of all love has made interactions easier.  It has been awesome to see God working through the kids to be bold and step outside their comfort zones.   

If you would pray for anything please pray that Karly’s ministry might flourish and that God would bless him that he might continue to bless others.

Karly helping us organize the kids during soccer